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My Background


Lawreston is a name many viewers will not recognize. Though it's the name I was given at birth, it is known, primarily, by family, bankers, doctors, and other professional personnel who may need to have my legal signature.

Most people around Maine have known me as Jerry Crute, through my 27 year ownership of BOWDOIN CAMERA Exchange, in Brunswick; or from my 40+ years as an actor/singer in theatrical productions with community theater companies around Maine.  

When I began to put my aerial photo work in the camera store I used only my first name so as to create a separation between the artistic endeavor and the ,"Oh, yeah; that Jerry Crute guy at the camera store, I know him" syndrome. Some knew the secret, most didn't. Now, you do.

Welcome to my site.

Photography as Communication


Coincident with my interest in flying small airplanes it became regular and important to have my photo gear readily available. Views from the air take on entirely new perspectives from otherwise familiar scenic areas. Though I no longer pilot my former aircraft, the professional pilot who now owns it is my lead pilot and can quickly relate to my requests for changes in angles, altitude adjustments, or other perspectives in getting a desired view. 

Any of my images may be ordered  in various paper formats, from album size up to as large as 40" x 60".  Most popular are the photo-canvas medium which takes on the appearance of a painting. If not in current inventory, each order may need two to three weeks to complete, each order  to be custom-printed by an out-of-state professional photo lab.   FMI:

                   (207) 319-0046

Sharing Stories


Through my canvas prints and photography books, I invite you to bring bits of my stories into your life and home. New prints are released regularly, so check back often. If you sign up for updates, you will get notified about new prints or books, sales, and shows.

The above book is available in Hard or soft cover. Others are "Georgetown - Five Islands, Beauty on Maine's Sheepscot Bay"; "Georgetown, Maine - Views of a Roving Seagull"; "A Seagull's View of Boothbay Harbor, Maine Region"'; "CUSHING, Maine - Memories of a Native; Views of a Roving Seagull". More are in process.

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